John Rourke has been a professional freelance creative for 30 years, specialising in film, photography and design, and has recently accepted the role as an official FujiFilm X Photographer and Global Ambassador.

For John, art and photography is a complete way of life. He finds intimacy in detail, intensity in wide-open space, and beauty in the everyday. With his “next shot must be better than the last” discipline, he is constantly searching for inspiration, influences and new experiences, and never leaves home without at least one camera, a sketchbook and a pocket full of pens!

He can often be found exploring urban cityscapes looking for backdrops to high fashion model editorials, or wading chest deep in open water, capturing the acrobatics of kite surfers, or the determination of wild water endurance swimmers. You might find him hanging from a helicopter high above a motor sport racetrack like Le Mans, or strapped to the mast of a sailing yacht. He loves to take long treks and climb mountains with his dog Bria, battling the elements and photographing epic landscapes, or just spending time working on his personal street photography project, ‘Motion’.

John is also the Founder and Lead Photographer with Adrenal Media, the official Photo agency for the FIA World Endurance Championships and European Le Mans Series; which includes the world famous Le Mans 24hr Race.

Whatever the project or subject, John is committed to creating sensory images that communicate the atmosphere, texture, emotion and energy of a single moment through the exploration of composition, light, time and motion. Each image tells a story in a reportage, documentary style, and forms not only a visual narrative capturing a slice of time, but also an individually styled fine art piece.

John also works closely with brands as an ambassador and influencer, such as those listed in the FAMILY section.

Peak Design, 

3 Legged Thing, 


Peli UK.

Formatt Hitech.

Lens Distortions.

Contact John today to discuss your requirements.

+44 (0)7947933690

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